Friday, April 3, 2009

Cake Class

I love taking pictures of stuff. Sometimes it is a breath of fresh air just because stuff can't move. I love photographing children but they are always on the move.

I took a cake class in March with my sister Stephanie and my friend Jamie. We learned how to decorate cakes using fondant. This is the cake I made at our final class. It is a 4 layer cake with butter frosting. The layers of cake are butter cake and white cake. I altered the layers so it was yellow butter cake, butter cream, white cake, butter cream etc. I think it turned out really good for my first ever fondant cake. The cake was super moist too. I think the fondant traps all the moisture in. I don't know for sure but every cake I have ever had with fondant is always so moist. I loved using the fondant and hope to make many more fondant cakes in the future.

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